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Ellijot Design Studio, founded by Elisabeth Weber (illustrator/designer) and Johannes Prein (designer), develops extraordinary and individual design solutions for classical and new media. We approach your project with the right ideas and develop aesthetic and target-oriented design concepts with a high standard of quality and design in cooperation with our partners.

Driven by the open variety of our work, we create new design sets and appealing illustrations with passion and enthusiasm. We build on a rich network of excellent photographers, programmers and other designers and therefore deliver even large projects reliably and on time.

ELLIJOT: Elisabeth Weber – Mediendesignerin B.A. | Johannes Prein – Mediendesigner B.A.

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Corporate Design

"If you miss the first button hole, you will fail to button up the rest of the shirt."*

Goethe's analogy works well if you consider the first button hole to be the logo or emblem. It is the basis for all questions of design, e.g. choices regarding font, colour or format. Therefore, it is crucial that all elements complement each other perfectly and fulfil their function of transporting the essence of the brand on the inside and outside. We create, revise and supervise the entire creation of your market presence while maintaining a high level of quality and functionality all the way through. This is what we define as a sustainable and functional corporate design which will enable you to bring your message across to the customer. 

*Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Illustration & Lettering

Besides their purely decorative function, illustrations offer the possibility to outline complex things or concepts which are difficult to portray photographically. Moreover, you can direct the focus by exaggerating or reducing. Illustrations can be drawn in different designs, in analogue and digital format, depending on the suitability and requirements for your project. 

Lettering is an individually designed, rather than a pre-existent font. The draft begins as a drawing from paper and is later digitally processed. In contrast to other conventional digital fonts, lettering automatically receives a more emotional, aesthetic and unique character. By adding decorative elements and illustrations, lettering can express just as much as a photograph.




To understand the task, the entire background and problems we highly pay attention to you. We determine values and goals of your company and do research on subject, trends and competition.


Along with you we define your company’s position, focus and tonality and fix these in a briefing.


On this basis we build a productive designconcept serving as a framework for a coherent and long-term visual communication.


We organise and supervise the whole production run and coordinate all required subcontractors – everything based on high standards on quality and adherence to schedules.


Concluding we evaluate our collective success, reconsider possible improvements and discuss our further collaboration.

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